Toronto born, university educated, well travelled, creative free thinker.

Multi-faceted, multilingual multi-tasker.

Writer, performer, speaker, facilitator, inspirational crowd-wower.

Content writer, community facilitator, team builder, group process specialist.
Leader, consensus builder, questioner (is that a word? yes it is:).

Foci: education, environment, health, social justice, technological innovation.


Writing: blog, press release, article, research paper, proposal, working notes, collaborative writing, fact check, link, survey, test, edit, proof, create compelling catch phrases including hashtags, brand development, speech craft, poetry, essays, fiction, non-fiction, academic, advertising, website copy.

Social Media: campaign design + deliver

WordPress websites.

Call centre solutions.

Exposure: graphic design, html, working in both French and Spanish

Learning: code, ui design